windows 8.0 can't record sounds

hi, i have windows 8.0 and just cannot record any sounds under Audacity2.0.5 nor on 2.0.4 nor 2.0.0. Am using Windows 8, Realtek sound drivers and card, 6 GB ram. pls. advice what I can do. Am using Audacity since it was seen as a Soundforge entity, circa 1999-2000. thank you. sicnerely, simsan.

This is a different problem to the person on Windows 8.1 who had an unwanted echo effect, so rather than adding your question to that, I started a new topic for you and gave it a relevant title.

I assume you mean SourceForge. Audacity has no connection with the Sound Forge audio editor.

Your question is a little ambiguous but assuming you are asking about recording computer playback, please see this Tutorial in the Manual Audacity Manual . Note that you can use Windows WASAPI loopback recording in Audacity to record computer playback, as described in the Tutorial.


Pls. ingore this question. I already got advice from Steve and got it working. Thnx much, gale and Steve and the audacity gang. best - simsan.