Windows 7 x64 Side by Side Error not fixed

I have installed Audacity v2.2.0. n Eventlog (Application) I have Side by Side Errors.

It is the same Errors as v2.1.2 and v2.1.3. Why is this not fixed?
How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

We don’t know, but if you find a fix, please let us know.

I have asked the developers if they can provide any information about this.

Hello I have found this thread:

On This thread there is a notice to edit the manifest in Audacity.exe

In another threat I havef found to copy two manifest files.

I think it is not my work to patch an exe file or copy some manifet files to Directory C:\Windows\winsxs or subdirectories.

So please fix it.

Greetuings Penny.

In order to fix a bug, the cause of the bug must be understood. I personally do not understand the cause of the bug (I’m not a Windows developer). Our Windows developers are aware of the issue, but as it has no impact on Audacity working correctly, the issue is much lower priority than bugs that do affect Audacity working correctly.

Audacity is free, open source software, created and supported by volunteers. It does no more good for you to tell me to fix it, than for me to tell you to fix it. If it gets fixed, it will be entirely down to a member of the Audacity community having the time, skill, knowledge and inclination to diagnose and fix the cause of the problem. Patches are welcome.

Hm, sorry to hear. But I think the problem is a wrong manifest of the Windows Version of Audacity.
In the Internet there a some threats about this problem of Audacity.
It started at v2.1.2. V2.0.6 don’t have this problem.

Greetings Penny