Windows 7, the line in shows my mixer, but it won't record.

Hi, I went to Behringer’s site and downloaded the proper drivers for my Q802USB mixer. I can hear myself on the mixer monitor, but Audacity doesn’t record the signal. The playback and line in, both indicate the Behringer, and I selected MME once, and Windows sound driver once, to no avail. I feel sure there is something simple that I am too simple to find. Help! :)rw

Could it be as simple as setting Audacity to Stereo? Windows sometimes assumes “USB” automatically means a mono microphone. Stereo/Mono doesn’t always cross.

I don’t think this is your problem, but sometimes Audacity will ignore a device if you plugged it in after Audacity starts. Restart Audacity or Transport > Rescan…


Also, if you’re in Windows 7, it should be possible to go into the Windows Control Panels and see the mixer and watch the little bouncing light sound meter. Audacity gets its show from Windows, so if Windows can’t find it…