Windows 7 problem with minimized audacity

Hi guys i have a problem is there any way to record audio when audacity 2.0.3 is minimized? P.S Sorry for bad english :S

I suspect there is more to your question.
Recording when minimised is not recommended because if you run other software it may interfere with the recording and you will not know that something has gone wrong until you un-minimise Audacity.
What are you trying to do?

I want to start recording with fraps and audacity at the same time.

You will have problems doing that on one machine because both applications will want to talk to the sound card at the same time and the sound card will probably only be able to speak to one of them at a time. The only solution that I can think of is to use one computer to record with Fraps, and another computer to record with Audacity. You may find other suggestions on the Fraps forum:

If you are trying to record a game and your commentary at the same time, here is a link: .