Windows 7 pro, 2.1.2 zip

I have installed audacity, made edits to a user’s song, saved the song, but the user’s graphic logo was not saved. How do I save the user’s logo?
Thank You

Are you referring to an image inside that song’s metadata? Unfortunately Audacity discards lyrics and metadata inside audio files because it does not understand them.

You would have to make a copy of the file, edit the original, then extract the image from the copy and add it back to the edited original. If it’s an MP3 file, you can do the extraction and replacement of the image with tagging software like Mp3tag.

What edits did you make to the song? If it was just cutting pieces out or changing the volume, and again assuming it’s a lossy format like MP3 that loses quality when you re-encode it, you can do that better with other software that does not need to re-encode the file. Plus, you don’t have to replace the image afterwards. See