windows 7 mp3

used to be that when i took off mp3s from a disc - edited them - then saved as mp3 - then put them back onto a CD - they would not play.
has this been fixed?

If you are burning an audio CD for a standalone CD player such as in a car or a HiFi, you need to tell the CD burner to burn an “audio CD” or “music CD”, not an “MP3 CD” or “data CD”.

The burning software may not allow you to burn an audio CD from an MP3, and even if it does so, it is pointless because CD supports lossless PCM audio so you are just throwing away quality by burning an MP3 to the CD.

Also be aware that every time you rewrite the MP3 you lose further quality. You can avoid this by using other software to do cuts, joins and volume edits: .

If you are intending to burn an MP3 CD for an MP3 CD player, look at the player Manual to see what type of MP3’s it will accept. You can click “Options…” when you export the MP3 from Audacity to change bit rate and encoding types.


As Gale says every time you rewrite a MP3 file you loose quality, best thing to do no matter what you do later is to import the file, save it as a .wav file. do all of you editting on that wave file, then when done save the file to you MP3 format. or just have your burning software burn the .wav file to the audio cd. The computer will play the .wav file so you can listen to it on the computer, the burning software will burn the file to the proper format automatically to the CD, so you can listen on MOST CD players… you saved a step, have the original file on the computer without loss in case you want to do more editting and you have your CD Isn’t life great

Hope this helps


thanks for your help