Windows 7 freezes when opening Audacity 2.01

Audacity had been working fine on my machine but all of a sudden whenever I try to open it, it freezes my PC. Audacity won’t even load up at all it just freezes. Not sure why this would happen everything else on my PC works fine. I’m using Windows 7 Professional and Audacity 2.01. I tried installing Audacity 2.00 but there problem is still there. I will try installing an even older version and see what happens but I would like to run 2.01. Thanks for your help!

You probably need to address the driver or software change that caused the issue, perhaps by doing a system restore. See this for more help .


Not sure if I made any driver or software changes but I’ll see what I can do. Audacity 1.26 is working though. Weird that 2.0 or 2.01 will not work.

There must occurred a change in the computer otherwise how can you explain the sudden problem?

Doing a system restore seems you last chance unless you find the problem first.
Other best alternative is to have a third party system restore solution installed and running on your computer, there are 2-3 brands which are the best and they can save your life.
Windows system restore can take you back to a previously best working environment with some limitations and issues (but still working), there is just too much to read about it.