Windows 7/Audio Technica 2020 USB does not record [SOLVED]

First post here. Sorry if I am rehashing old ground.

I have downloaded the most recent version of Audacity 2.0.5 via the .exe installer. I want to use it on an HP laptop running Windows 7 with an Audio Technica 2020 USB microphone. I will also be using Levelator and LAME.

After install, I can get no sound recorded at all using the AT 2020 USB microphone.

The software seems to recognize that the microphone has been installed – it is listed as a choice in the drop-down menu and defaults to that choice. Despite repeated attempts, I can’t get any signal at all to register on the meters.

Thanks for your help.


Go through all the steps in the green box “Detecting USB and Firewire devices” here: .

Then restart Audacity and turn the Audacity input slider up (by the microphone symbol).


Did as instructed and all is now well. Many thanks, Gale!

You may see me around these parts again. I spent 25 years in and around radio, all in the analog days. Want now to do some simple things with audiobooks. Have never touched any form of digital editing software before. My previous editing software experience involves razor blades, splicing blocks and Mylar tape. :smiley:

Thanks again.