windows 7 audacity 2.0

I watched the tutorial on you tube for Audacity and it looked like what I was looking for. I wrote down and followed the directions. When I get to the part to use the effect button, don’t get a drop down menu that shows on the tutorial to invert . Do I have the right version, It’s the latest. First time user & not really computer literate,but I can follow directions. Can somebody help. I e-mailed the guy who did the tutorial,but didn’t get a response. Thanks

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We get a lot of spam generators looking for fresh email addresses, so I removed yours.

You will not get active filters or tools if you pause the show instead of stopping it.

Are you trying to preform Vocal Removal or Karaoke? You don’t need to go through all this, there is a Vocal Removal tool that does it all for you.

Effect > Vocal Removal

Effect > Invert is there on my Audacity.


Vocal Removal fails a lot more than it succeeds. It’s not unusual for you to have a bunch of songs and only the one that matches the one on YouTube works. Koz

No I’m just looking to remove vocals, not make karaoke. So I guess I’m just not using it right. I’ll go back to the tutorial and try again Thanks nuch

Audacity does not publish YouTube tutorials so we are not responsible for them.

See for using Effect > Vocal Remover .

There is no benefit to using the manual method, but if you want to: .