Windows 11. Why will by record bar not respond to turning up and down? Record volume is maxed out with the adjustment set at just 22% and won't respond to changes

Windows 11 recording issue. Recording is clipping like crazy and won’t respond to meter adjustment.

What are you recording from?

If you’re recording from a USB device, usually you can’t adjust the recording volume with software.

It’s the analog-to-digital converter built-into the USB device that clips so you have to reduce the analog or acoustic volume before it’s digitized.

USB microphones without recording level controls are usually calibrated for low-gain so they don’t overload with normal sounds. Better USB “podcast mics” usually have a recording level control.

Good audio interfaces have recording level knobs (example)

I’m recording from a AT Turntable (no pre amp) into a Fosi pre amp using the lowest setting of 39db into Digitallife USB audio capture into a Dell with a USB plugin 2.0. This issue didn’t start up until 2 days ago. Never had a issue of being able to control the recording level before with the Audacity slider. Also, I’ve never been able to get anything recorded in STEREO? I’ve checked all the settings I can think of and have been set to 2 channel stereo. Right now the recording is clipping so bad there is no way it could be used.

A couple of things to check-

Make sure Microphone Boost for the USB device is turned all the way down… you see that option… Windows might think it’s a USB mic.

Windows “enhancements” can also mess-up recording in lots of ways so they should be turned OFF.

Both Audacity and Windows need to be set to stereo. More information here.

Is that an older turntable? I don’t think Audio Technica currently makes any turntables without preamps, although most (all?) have a switch to bypass it. …Double amplification would clip badly and the double RIAA EQ would over-boost the bass and kill the highs.

Still the same result. No control over the recording input volume with tons of clipping. It’s a At-LP120-USB with the pre amp removed. The cartridge is a Ortofon Red. It’s pretty high output. Still, that should not effect the no control with the record slide level.

Interesting… I just switched turntables and I can now make the volume adjustment. The current table I’m using is a Technics sl-23 with a AT95 cartridge that has a lower output. I tried the Ortofon Red with this same turntable and it gave me the same result as with the AT turntable. Uncontrollable!

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