Windows 11 make using effect chime, why? How to stop

I sadly just updated to Windows 11. I have updated Audacity as well. Now, when I am editing, every edit causes a ‘chime’ sound. I was on tech support with Microsoft how hours, and Im still chiming. Any suggestions, because these bells are killing me. Thanks.

Is that showing-up in your audio edits, or just something you’re hearing from your speakers? *

If it’s “Windows sounds” just coming out of your speakers, since you’ve been talking to Microsoft, I assumed you’ve checked your Windows sound settings? There is also an option to turn-off all system sounds.


  • If you are using WASAPI loopback (etc.) to capture streaming audio, it will capture everything coming out of your soundcard. If you are selecting an actual hardware input as your recording device it will only record from one thing at a time and it will only pick-up the beeps if you are using a microphone.