Windows 10

I recently upgraded to windows 10 and I installed Audacity latest version of software. I click on the Audacity icon and the screen goes black and the computer freezes up and I have to reboot to bring windows 10 back up again. I tried using compatibility settings, trouble shooting, screen settings and windows only shows Audacity as windows 8 compatibility version. Any ideas to fix this problem? I have been using this program as a tool for my local ghost hunting for years. I hate to give it up to find another program.


That sounds like a driver problem. There’s not much, other than drivers, capable of crashing Windows 10 as the kernel is protected against application crashes.

As it seems to be display related you should first update your graphics drivers to the latest stable version. If that doesn’t fix it find the command prompt shortcut and right click to choose “run as administrator”. Run the command >sfc /scannow . This will check all the windows system files and hopefully repair any inconsistencies.

Good Morning All,

I tried all the fixes that you both suggested and same results. Would Linux work on windows system? I notice that Audacity program is set-up for Windows 8 and below, Is there a Audacity program for windows 10?
SFC Scan Image.jpg
Display Adapter 1.jpg
Audacity Properties 1.jpg
Audacity Properties.jpg

Audacity 2.3.3

Linux is an operating system. Linux does not work “on” Windows, Linux “replaces” Windows.

To be clear you definitely should not be running in any kind of compatibility mode. The standard windows 10 download is up to date and properly compiled for windows 10. It is a 32 bit program but runs correctly on 32 bit and 64 bit version of windows 10. My own system is kept up to date with patches etc. and I am sure many other users are the same. Probably the next issue for you to check are the audio drivers. I will come back to you with a method of testing this after I have verified it on my own system…

OK I have verified that audacity will run in “safe mode with networking” so you should try this on your machine. I have copied this from google as its the easiest way to do it though not the fastest.
Choose the desired boot option by using the corresponding function key.
Please let us know if Audacity works ( runs anyway) in this mode.