Windows 10 will not let audacity work...

Hi all
When you start audacity in windows 10 it will not see your sound cards at all
I have two sounds cards and it did not see them at all
running audacity 2.0.5
it shows
no host
no play back device
no recording device

in the preferences : device
what do I do now…
Thanks James Baker

I removed your email address.

Audacity only sees whatever Windows does. You can leave Audacity closed until you straighten out your soundcard mounts.


What is sound mounts mean? :question:

Windows has to know about and be able to use all of its sound cards and other equipment before you launch Audacity.

Audacity only checks for new equipment automatically when it starts. If the equipment isn’t already there and working perfectly, Audacity isn’t going to do anything. Can you play Windows Media songs through the soundcards? You Tube videos?

Is there still a Windows Sound Recorder?

**- Windows Sound Recorder

  • Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment**

Use that to test your soundcards.
Any reason you’re using Audacity 2.0.6? That’s pretty old. Here’s a link to Audacity 2.1.1.


I Fixed it
went back to windows 8.1 :smiley:

If you upgrade to Windows 10 again, the first step is to go to the web site of the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer and see if you can find audio drivers for Windows 10 meant for your specific computer.

If you wait about a month, there is a much greater chance that Windows 10 drivers will be available.