Windows 10 taskbar VS Audacity 2.1.1

I have Audacity running and choose to minimize the window. From there, although the task bar responds when I select the icon, it does not present the window again. I have to click on the desktop icon as if to open a new session and the original shows. Unfortunately, it opens as full screen. If I were to click the center icon to reduce from full screen, it hides the screen instead.

This just started happening yesterday.
Whats more, I have two WIN10 systems. This happens on only one of them…

And it only happens with Audacity, I presume?

So far, yes. Only with Audacity and only on one of two Win 10 computers.
I have performed a shutdown twice now.

I assume the other machine does that? I think that is a minor bug. And in any case there is a known bug that clicking the icon when Audacity is already running should open a new project window (at the same size).

Try holding SHIFT and pressing the Shutdown button in the Start Menu which does a cold boot into a new kernel session.

The default shut down saves the old kernel session in the hibernation file, then uses that old session when booting up. So it probably won’t solve any problems you may be trying to fix.