Windows 10: Syncing Tracks in Audacity

I have been trying to sync vocals to a backing track for a mashup. The tempo is marginally different but I have been trying and trying to sync them to no avail. The only way I know of is to change the tempo of one by tiny amounts and hope that it matches the other perfectly. Is there any easier way to do this?

Is the pitch correct? Are they both on the same key? If they are, you can use Effect > Change Tempo. Jockey one of the songs so that the beginning matches and then scroll to the end and try to figure out how far off the beat is. I believe you can calculate the percentage and put that in the Change Tempo setting.

If both the tempo and the pitch are a little off, it’s Effect > Change Speed. All that does it drag its finger on the record a little until everything lines up. Both tempo and pitch change. You still have to figure out how far off they are. This is by far the best tool for sound quality and low distortion.

This mismatch isn’t unusual if you record different parts of the song in different places. Most computer music systems are secure in the idea that you will never try to combine your work with anybody else’s. As long as you’re entirely self-contained, they can drift a bit a nobody can tell. Drifting is cheap to build.

The movies or teleproduction people go to very serious effort to make sure their sound and picture line up, even with multiple stand-alone cameras and sound recorders.