Windows 10 shuts off sound input to Audacity when using headphones

I’m new here so Hi From Sunny Devon in lock down. Never needed the forum before as Audacity has been so reliable. It only takes windows 10 to mess up the scene! So far on my windows 7 old laptop I had no problem making Audacity record what was playing whether through the laptop speakers or more often with headphones plugged in. However now that I’m on Windows 10 64bit on a Lenovo Laptop headphones don’'t start working as you plug them in - the laptop squeaky speakers have to be turned off and Headphone output selected. As soon as I switch to headphone output the INPUT to Audacity as it’s recording totally shuts down and flat-lines on the progress window.
Have tried many settings and nothing seems to correct this. So when recording from what is playing - it seems I’m doomed to have the laptop play through its own speakers for it to send an input ‘directly’ to Audacity input bypassing the microphones - but the input depends on the speaker output volume so I can’t turn the horrible sound down or again recording level is affected. Does anyone know a way the input can be maintained when I’m listening in real time through either plugged in headphones or using bluetooth wireless headphones? Hope you can help.


Thank you for this. I have to say I’ve been there already before I posted and the Help files don’t actually cover a switching headphone concept.
So far I can perfectly record the live stream but as I said in my question I can’t mute the leptop speakers or it stops the input. This may have something to do with the cheapness of my sound card a Realtek (R) Audio and I’ve never before had a laptop that didn’t swap to headphones when plugging them in. This one carries on with music through the tiny speakers and I have to physically switch headphones output from Speakers to Headphones for them to work whether wired or wireless. This Lenovo Laptop was a cheaper model with DVD R/W drive so i think it has some low quality bits in other areas. On the headphone side there is no separate socket for mic and headphones - the two share a single socket. Anyhow thanks for trying - my problem isn’t yet solved and may not be possible.