Windows 10 Recover Data Files


Please help me recover my lost data files. I had just finished a recording I had been working on for over a month, I saved the project as normal, closed it, and now when I try to open the project, it is showing that my “song _ data” is not found. I looked in the folder where all of my projects are saved along with their data files and it is just gone. Is there any way I can recover my lost data files?

Find the folder that the AUP file is and in and make sure the _data folder for that project is in that folder.

Search your computer for the _data folder if necessary. You can set the search tools advanced options in File Explorer to search file contents, so that way you could search for one of the AU files listed in the AUP file, in case the _data folder got renamed by accident.

If you have important projects extending over a long period of time, it is strongly recommended to use File > Save Project As… and save to a new name to save work-in-progress copies of the project, and to export a backup WAV file from time to time. A backup WAV file can always be used to start over.


Gale, is this another instance of bug #1271:

James, are you runing a virus checker program? If so which one?


Not unless James is saving his projects in the Audacity temp folder or some other folder called “temp”. That would be a serious mistake, if so.