windows 10 problems recording

I have downloaded the newest version of audacity. I just got this new computer. it is a windows 10 all in one with everything built into the monitor. I don’t like it but anyway… it only has one audio jack on it and it has the picture of a headset with a microphone pictured beside it. I am trying to record some audo via the audio jack but I cannot for the life of me get the computer to recognize the audio coming in. the built in microphone that is in the monitor keeps recording but not the line in. I am fastly not liking this all in one. but it was a gift so idk . can anyone help please

What are you wanting to record?

well, I have a mp3 audio recorder that I record lextures with. I goofed and bought the recorder that was not digital . so I’m stuck with playing it by a line in audio earphone jack. I can do it no problems at all with my laptop but for some reason it will not let me do it on this stupid all in one . I don’t know if its a setting or a hardware conflict.

It could be something as simple as the wrong sort of plug, or perhaps the new computer does not have a “line in”. “Line in” is not the same as a “Mic” in, though ‘some’ laptops have the ability to work with either a “mono mic” or “stereo line in”. There is no guarantee that a mic input will work as a stereo line-level input. What does the computer manual say about it (if anything)?

Do you still have the laptop? Could you record on that then transfer the digital recording to the new computer on a USB memory stick or via wifi network?

I just tried on the lap top and got nothing there as well. I guess ill have to try something different. I was using a audio cord with a male plug on each end going from the earphone out on my recorder to the mic in on the pc. guess that’s not compatible . back to the drawing board. thanks for trying.