Windows 10 Preview [CLOSED]

On the off chance no one has brought this up…
Audacity 2.0.6 has installed just fine on Win 10 Pro Technical Preview build 10041.
I have not had the chance to do much however so far everything I have tried has worked.
This is a good thing !

Thanks for the feedback.
Windows 10 will not be officially supported until Windows 10 is officially released, but good to know that it appears to be free of issues.
If you wish to test the current version of Audacity (2.1.0) you can download it here:

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I too am using it on Win10 with no issues BTW. I use it as my primary OS even though MS said that’s a bad idea.

You are using Audacity 2.06?

Since this topic was started, Audacity has been updated. The current version of Audacity is 2.1.1.
Windows 10 is still not officially supported as it had not been released when Audacity 2,1,1 came out, but Audacity 2.1.1 is believed to work on Windows 10, provided that your sound card drivers work properly with Windows 10.

Thanks, works now with upgraded drivers.