Windows 10 issue - Internal PortAudio error

Hello from France,

I was using Audacity under Windows 8.1 without no problem at all. I’ve done the free upgrade to Windows 10. Now, I have this error message each time I try to launch Audacity :

Erreur d’initialisation audio

Impossible de trouver un périphérique audio.
Vous ne pourrez pas lire ou enregistrer d’audio.

Erreur :Internal PortAudio error


Can someone help me? Even in French language :wink: Thanks for all.

Audacity does not officially support Windows 10 yet.

The first step is to go to the web site of the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer and see if you can find audio drivers for Windows 10 meant for your specific computer.

If that does not help, please see the posts about the Internal PortAudio error in the main Windows board:


Thank you very much for your answer.

I have found 2 solutions:

  • without driver update, it is possible to use Audacity v2.0.3
  • with driver update, all is ok, Audacity v2.1.1 works perfectly on Windows 10
    The second solution is obviously the best :wink:

In my case, it was a Realtek driver.
I installed the R2.79 new version of the driver, and ok, here we go again!!

Salut je suis français aussi et j’ai eu ce problème après avoir fait une manip.

Je voulais enregistrer le son d’une vidéo sur mon ordi avec audacity et j’ai trouver ce tuto:

Ça ne marchais pas et j’ai fait ce que quelqu’un à dit dans les coms: Pour ceux qui ont pas StéréoMix, vous changez le truc où ya marqué MME dans Audacity en Windows WASAPI. Ensuite ça marche voilà.

J’ai fait ça et suivi le tuto et maintenant ça me met ce message d’erreur voilà merci d’avance! :wink:.

Je ne parle pas français natif. Votre message est confus.

Qu’est-ce que vous essayez de faire et quelle version de Windows avez-vous? La vidéo sur YouTube est pour Skype sur Windows 8, ne pas enregistrer une vidéo sur Windows 10.

Exactement ce que signifie le message d’erreur?

Si vous souhaitez enregistrer Skype, utiliser Pamela ou autre outil destiné à l’enregistrement de Skype, pas Audacity.

I do not speak native French. Your message is confusing.

What are you trying to do and which version of Windows do you have? The YouTube video is about Windows 8 and Skype, not about recording a video on Windows 10.

Exactly what does the error message say?

If you want to record Skype, use Pamela or other tool meant for recording Skype, not Audacity.


Like sokoban, for me the solution was simply to update the Realtek driver (in Control Panel / Device manager / Audio, video and game controllers).
I just double-clicked on Realtek, went to the Driver tab, clicked on “update the driver” (mine is in French so it may not be exactly these words!) and Windows did the rest.

Don’t forget to reboot!

P.S. I am using an Acer Aspire V3, but have no idea what motherboard might be in there. Too complicated for me!

Hi guys
the version 2.1.1 really works on windows 10
I also had the exact same problem with the Internal PortAudio error and the device list dissapeared!
The way I did and was experimenting was to change all the Sample Rate in all devices on windows and the audio interface to 44100
I had them at 48000 and now it opens with no problem at all,
I might try to do the same changing all the audio to 48000 to see if it fixes the PortAudio error as well!
Best of luck - Juan Rosario

I have not heard before of non-matching sample rates causing the Internal PortAudio error.

I have heard that it may help to reboot with the desired device set as Windows default recording device and as Windows default playback device (but not necessary to change sample rates).

If you also have an external sound device, set that as Windows default recording device and as Windows default playback device then reboot again.