Windows 10, Help with importing 300 mp3's, add silence between each then export as large mp3?

Audacity 2.2.2 Windows 10
I am a new user of Audacity and trying to create a large mp3 file. Was hoping to import 300 or more mp3’s onto one track horizontally. Then add 20-30 seconds of silence between each mp3, then export it as one large mp3 that will play each song with breaks of silence between each.

Can that be easily accomplished with Audacity? If so can you provide a few key instructions or procedures.

Thank you for any help or suggestions.

Any reason to not just use a playlist rather than creating a huge MP3 file? (

If you only have one-long file you can’t have separate metadata for each song (artist/album/title/track number).

Thanks for your responses gentlemen,

I don’t really care about the meta data info, artists, genre etc just as long as the songs play.

I would like the large mp3 to simply play thru with 20-30 second silence breaks between each song

Do you think it possible to do something like this with the Audacity? Somewhat easily? is there something like a ripple comand to add silence breaks after each song?

You could create a LOF (, but probably easier to just create a playlist as previously suggested, unless there’s a good reason why you can’t use a playlist.

You can do it but I don’t know of any way to do it “easily”. It’s going to take a few hours.

File → Import → Audio to get the 1st song.

file → Import → Audio again for the next song. A separate 2nd track will be created for the 2nd song.

Use the [u]Time Shift Tool[/u] to drag the 2nd song to the right, leaving a 20-30 second gap.

…Repeat 'till done.

When you export you audio you’ll get a file with the songs combined in-sequence.

It’s probably easier if you combine 5 or 10 songs/files at a time to make “album length” files (or maybe 1 hour files), then repeat the process with the bigger files until you’re done.


A note about MP3 - As you may know MP3 is lossy compression. When you open an MP3 in an audio editor it gets decompressed. If you re-export to MP3 (or other lossy format) it goes through another generation of lossy compression, and the “damage” does accumulate. It’s best to start with lossless files and compress ONCE to MP3 as the last step.

Otherwise, if you are stuck with MP3 originals, try to minimize the number of times the file is compressed. (If you are saving temporary files with 5 or 10 songs, save as WAV or FLAC.)

There is a WAV file-size limit of 4GB (or 2GB depending on what software you’re using). So, you won’t be able to save a 300-song WAV file. FLAC is lossless compression and as far as I know, there is no file size limit.

Thank you Doug and Steve for your suggestions.

I would think there must be some basic music app out there that could create a large mp3 file consisting of hundreds of songs with pre-set user adjustable breaks between each song. Will keep looking.

Thanks again

I would think there must be some basic music app out there that could create a large mp3 file consisting of hundreds of songs with pre-set user adjustable breaks between each song.


But, most “audio production” (and video production) requires a LOT of human interaction, human judgement, and listening. If you’re working on a movie soundtrack you might have thousands of audio files but you’re going to work on it carefully for weeks…

You can do some batch processing/scripting but it usually takes more time to “program”, test, and debug the process than to just dig-in and do it the “hard way”. It can be worthwhile if you’re doing the same thing every week…

And… Not too many people are making day-long audio programs. Audio books can get long, but they are broken-up into chapters/files.

P.S.You might look-into [u]SoX[/u]. Sox is a (FREE) command-line tool that can do just about everything Audacity can do (maybe more) but without the GUI/Windows interface. Being a command-line tool, it’s “easier” to automate. You would have to learn how to write a script (and how to use SoX), and your script would have to include the 300 file names, but it should be possible.

I would think there must be some basic music app out there

You don’t want a basic music app. That would be iTunes. Scoop up hundreds of songs and dump them in a playlist. I get five keyclicks. Press play in order or scrambled. I’m sure Windows Media has something similar.

You want a custom playback app similar to Muzak or Point of Sale Entertainment Management. In fact, that’s what your question reads like. “I need music for my store…”

Good luck.


Why do you refuse to use a playlist?