Windows 10 Explorer Stops Responding

When I am using Audacity, Windows 10 explorer sometimes (not always) will cease to respond. Even when I go into task manager to restart explorer, task manager then fails to respond.

This only started happening recently, probably when I upgraded to the latest version.

The workaround for me is to have Windows 10 explorer closed when in Audacity.

But I would like to know, if possible, why this is happening now. I had been using Audacity for years with no such problems.

Thank you.


Since it looks like a windows 10 problem, this support site might help you.

Thank you but I doubt if that link would have helped since Audacity is the only app in which this windows 10 problem has occurred.

However, I did try disabling “screen saver” and have not had the problem since. Maybe that was the cause of it. We’ll see.


Just to let everyone know:

Since I disabled “screen saver” in Windows 10, I have not had any problems with freezing while using Audacity.

So my advice is not to enable screen saver via settings or control panel and, instead, create an icon to manually use the screen saver of your choice.