Windows 10 "error while opening sound device"

Dear All,

I’m afraid, I have the same trouble.

I installed “Audacity 2.1.0” before upgrading to “Windows 10”. Everything, including sound support, was in order. After switching from “8” to “10”, I started to receive box mails sayig “error while opening sound device. Please check the playback device settings and the Project sample rate”. Other than having no sound issue, all other features are working fine. I recently removed version “2.1.0” and installed the newest version “2.1.1” which, alas, didn’t help solve the problem.

I will appreciate to receive any feedback wording any probable remedy to my above explained problem.

Thanks in advance to anyone interested.

Please see:

Guys, thank you for the information here. I encountered this problem when I upgraded to Windows 10, and feared a long period without being able to use Audacity, which by the way is great software. My drivers were all up to date.

Following advice in this forum, I changed the sample rate from 44100 Hz to 48000 and matched that in Audacity. The missing devices instantly became visible. Result! Thank you all. I wouldn’t have thought of it otherwise.

Regards and best wishes


It’s weird that under Windows 10, a device would fail to initialise when Audacity launches (as opposed to simply “error opening” when used), just because of the Windows Default Format. However if that does happen, with the bug that we have, that will prevent all devices getting enabled.

Anyway a few days ago I added the possibility of changing the Default Format to the “list of solutions” on Missing features - Audacity Support.