Windows 10 .Editing audio from video, then what?

New user from the Netherlands.

This is what i’m aiming to achieve:
i want to make little videos with me playing guitar then post them on Facebook. I want to use Audacity to edit the audio. Just add a little echo, delay etc.

My question:

after i succesfully edited the audio, how do i save this so that i can see the video again but with the new effects? This is where i go wrong somehow. so, to be short i don’t have issues editing the audio but i don’t know how to go from there. i can save the audio but without the video. How do i put these two together?
Thanks in advance,


Audacity will cheerfully open the audio section of many video formats and edit the sound (sometimes with the addition of the FFMpeg software), but we can’t put it back. You need a video editor that can manage individual video and audio services.

And once you have the editor, it’s sometimes possible to do all the editing right there in the video editor.

Fair warning, you are splitting not only the sound, but the sound data services. It’s possible to have the timing of the sound not match when you do put it back in the picture. This can be a problem on longer shows.

“How come the beginning of the concert is in sync, but the end of the hour show is noticeably out of time?”


You’ll need a video editor to re-combine combine the newly edited audio with the video.

File → Export → Export Audio can save a new WAV file (or other format that your video editor supports).

FYI - Most video editors have some audio editing capability, so you may not need Audacity. And of course, anything that affects timing (cuts/splices, etc.) has to be done in the video editor so you don’t mess-up the audio/video sync.