Windows 10 doesn't remember Audacity levels

Finally got Audacity to work again after Windows reset. Geez, what a mess! Anyway, the levels set in Windows at the audio control panel keep going back up to around 65% and it can only run around 25-30% before it goes into meltdown. Records, plays back fine, but you have to go to Windows levels each time BEFORE you record to turn it down. Any ideas? PS- LONG time Audacity user.

Didn’t work Tried it and the volume levels went back to 50% or so after you close and reopen.

So far, my only solution is to set the Audacity volume each time before I start. A PITA but I guess as long as you know it, it’s OK. Never did that before and I’ve used Audacity for years.

I’m actually kind of curious if this is a windows issue or an Audacity issue. Anybody have an opinion?

No opinions??

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