Window's 10 Compatibility

Have you received an advanced copy of Window’s 10 and will Audacity be compatible with it when it comes on on July 29th?

Since everybody is struggling with current OS compatibility problems, I’d guess no.


Are you volunteering?

Once I get Windows 10, what would you be looking for? Just to try it out and let you know what works and doesn’t work?

Anything, really. I posted the idea to the other elves. It’s too late to back out.


As it says on Audacity ® | Download for Windows Audacity 2.1.1 will not “officially” support Windows 10.

We don’t receive anything from Microsoft. A developer tried some of the preview builds and I will be trying to find the final RTM version 10240 in the next few days. However some users who had tried earlier preview versions of Windows 10 said that Audacity seemed to work OK.

Yes please, especially anything that used to work in Audacity in your previous Windows version and now doesn’t.


Just downloaded Win 10 …

Below is the Initializing Audio Error I received while opening Audacity…

Could not find audio devices.
You will not be able to play or record audio
Error: Internal PortAudio error

See this topic: Error Initializing Audio (SOLVED) - Windows - Audacity Forum