Hi, I recently downloaded Audacity 2.1.2 onto a Windows 10 PC. From the start I have zero ability to save anything as a project/.aup file.

When I try to “Save Project” or “Save Project As” I get the below error.
AUP error.PNG
Anyone have an idea as to what’s preventing Audacity from recognizing the projects I create in it? This happens whether I record directly into Audacity or import an mp3. No matter what I create there’s no way to save as a project with individual tracks. To save, all I can do is export the mp3, which mixes all the tracks down to one.

Thanks for your input!

You have not created a project until you actually save it - until then it is just a temporary, unsaved project.

Try clicking OK in the dialogue in your screenshot, then a project (AUP file and _data folder) will be created. To reopen the saved project, open the AUP file, not the _data folder.

Also see


I get the below error.

It’s not an error it’s just a friendly warning that you are about to save an Audacity project instead of a “normal” WAV or MP3 file, etc.

If you want to make a WAV (or other audio file) use File-Export instead of File → Save. (Most of the time I export to WAV or MP3 without making an AUP project file.)

If you’ve just made a new recording and you don’t have an audio file, it’s a good idea to export to WAV as a back-up even if you want to save your Audacity project.

Gale, thank you! It’s ridiculous that it never occurred to me to click “OK.” That’s just darn foolish. :slight_smile:

The Audacity program on my home computer (I’m using the Windows 10 at work) doesn’t show me that error, probably because I disabled it long ago and had forgotten about it.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply to such a silly issue.

Have a terrific weekend,

Tnanks, too, DVDDoug… great advice.