Windows 10 Audacity 2.12 Cannot open files it has saved


A few of our students at school are unable to load Audacity projects they have saved.

They have plenty of disk space and also the files haven’t been moved around.

Audacity gives the following error:
Error opening file
Could not open file: XXX.aup

Any help would be appreciated!



We don’t make Audacity 2.12 so if that is not a typo, please download 2.1.2 from us at

Does it also say that it can’t find the _data folder?

Try using File > Open… rather than File > Import > Audio… .

Also you could look at the AUP file in a text editor. If the AUP file is empty, then it can’t be opened, and all you have is the data in the _data folder. That data won’t be ordered as it is on the Audacity Timeline, unless you have an unedited recording.


Sorry, I meant 2.1.2

Also, we use mostly Windows 7 I forgot to mention that.

I have tried to use File > Open but it still does not load.

It does not say that it could not load the data file. It just says:
Error opening file
Could not open file: XXX.aup

I can paste in the contents of the AUP file if that would help?

There is no data file. There is a _data folder which has subfolders containing many AU files. The AU files are the actual audio data.

You are welcome to attach the AUP file. Please see here for how to attach files: However if the file is empty there is no point. Are these projects sounds that were recorded into Audacity and never edited?


Thanks, I meant the data folder.

I have attached the AUP file to this post.

Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:
Mrs C.aup (5.73 KB)

I can’t see anything obviously wrong with that AUP file.

There are only 30 AU files. You could probably drag them into a new project and rearrange them by hand.

However if you want to combine “Mrs C.aup” and the “Mrs C_data” folder into a ZIP file and post the ZIP on Dropbox or your favourite server, we could download the project and see if we can figure out why it won’t open.

Note that it is entirely possible a virus or conversely, some security restriction on your computers is preventing the file being opened. Are the problem AUP files being loaded from some different location than the AUP files that can be opened?


I was having a similar problem accessing Audacity projects on my mapped network share at work.

How I “get” to the file in Audacity or in Windows Explorer seems to matter.

Opening Audacity and saving a blank “test project.aup” project:

  • If I go through the “Libraries” folders to get to my Audacity projects folder and open the test project, Audacity opens with the error: “Could not open SHAREDDRIVENAME:\users\username\My Documents\Audacity Projects\test project.aup”
  • If I go to the same directory but directly navigating to the file through my network share “directly”, Audacity opens the file without error.

The error occurs both when I use File->Open in Audacity or double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer.

It’s really best not to do that, even if you think you have a workarouhd for errors in the Microsoft file sharing protocol.

And never record to a network share, because it will be too slow to record without risk of dropouts.

A regularly virus-scanned USB drive would likely be faster and less error-prone.

Please start a new topic if you have any more questions. Thanks.