WINDOWS 10: Audacity 2.1.2 - separate effects windows

WINDOWS 10: Audacity 2.1.2

I love Audacity! That said, there are some small “changes” since I upgraded to 2.1.2 that I’d like to ask about.

This post will deal with separate effects windows. Before the upgrade, effect windows were part of Audacity. So, if I want to do something else on my pc while I happen to have an effects window open, I could simply hit ALT-TAB to check my email and then hit ALT-TAB to go back to Audacity. Since the upgrade, hitting ALT-TAB actually moves focus from the effects window back to Audacity, which is kind of pointless since I’m blocked from doing anything in Audacity because I have my effects window open. It seems like I have to hit ALT-TAB 3 times to check my emails and then hit it three more times to get back to Audacity. If gets confusing at times.

Is this a settings change or just a side-effect of the upgrade?

Perhaps you are referring to “real-time preview” effects?

Perhaps you could WIN + TAB then click the window required?


Well, yes, there are multiple workarounds but I was just noting the difference from the previous version.

Speaking of the whole preview thing, I was going to start a topic on that too but, since we brought it up, why does previewing effects (especially Izotope Ozone) usually cause Audacity to crash?

It may be worth noting that Analyze > Contrast and Analyze > Plot Spectrum, which are “modeless” windows letting you interact with the main project, are amalgamated into the main project window. I don’t know if there is technical necessity for a real-time plugin to be a separate window, because it interacts with audio playback or other reasons.

You can raise this as a “feature request” but I doubt the developers will want to change it.

Please give steps 1, 2, 3… to reproduce the problem, and say what version of Ozone you have and what format the plugin is in (VST or so on).

Note that we have had complaints before about hacked versions of iZotope plugins from torrent sites crashing. We can’t accept bug reports about hacked plugins. Of course I make no assumption about what you have.


As far as the “windowing” issue is concerned, I’m not asking for a feature request, I’m just wondering why it changed as it wasn’t like that before I upgraded. I was just wondering if it was a configuration error.

Now, as far as the Audacity crash with Izotope Ozone is concerned, when I click on “Effects => iZotope Ozone 5” and select a preset, Audacity crashes when I click on the green play arrow in the bottom left corner.

Now, I don’t see “iZotope Ozone” in the Plugins folder but I do see the DLLs in “C:\Program Files (x86)\iZotope\Ozone 5\win64”.