Windows 10 and Windows 7 [CLOSED]

I recorded a 30-minute audio program on a Windows 10 laptop. I want to edit it on a Windows 7 desktop. Audacity 2.12 is running on both machines. I recorded the 30-minute program on the laptop using Total Recorder and exported it as a .wav file. When I imported the .wav file from the laptop to the desktop, only half of the file came through. The .wav file can show up in full on the laptop. Additionally, when I try to export the full .wav audio file on the laptop to a thumb drive and open it on Audacity on the desktop, the file is not recognized, and it suggests I import it as Raw Data which shows nothing. No file will transfer between the two machines. Many of them don’t even open in Windows Media Player or VLC. I did install Lame Decoder and the ffMpeg plugins on both programs on the different machines. But nothing seems to work and it is driving me crazy.

Is this a Windows 10 and Windows 7 conflict? Will files created on one–even .wav files–not transport across machines? What gives? Very frustrating.

Thank you,

Neal Lavon
Takoma Park, MD

I got it; I think it had to do with the space on the thumb drive, and not having the cursor in the sound file. Now it transferred over fine.
Just took a while to figure out.

Thanks for letting us know. I was about to suggest checking your thumb drive, but you beat me to it :wink: