Window XP/Lenovo Laptop

I just purchased an L1 & T1 Bose system. Bose recommends Audacity for software. I’ve searched FAQ and read the manuals and still unable to get proper connectivity between the T1 and my computer for recording. I want to record stereo and will be inputing a mic and guitar. Please help with necessary settings on both Audacity and Lenovo and send me to a place where I can get started in the manual. Thanks very much. David Gillespie

It appears to be a USB sound device, so you should plug an A to B USB cable (square to flat) between the T1 and your computer. Next, the computer has to "know’ what the T1 is and that may require software drivers or other programs that may have come on the disk with the unit. Make sure Windows sees the T1 in Windows Control Panels.

After that, launch Audacity and using the Device Toolbar, find the same device that Windows sees.

You can’t skip the Windows step. If Windows doesn’t see the T1, Audacity’s dead.