Window 8.1 Recording from Scarlet Solo... multi input help

I recently got a Scarlet Solo, which has a min input specified as the 1 input, and a line input specified as the 2. I was wondering if you could help me find a way to record from the second one, as currently it only records from the mic input.

The instructions suggest you can plug both a guitar and a microphone in and they will work at the same time. Is the 1/4" plug pushed all the way in?

What is “the second one?” You can’t plug in a second microphone. The second connection is designed for high volume such as from a guitar (switch to instrument) or a tape player (switch to line).

Were you hoping for a cheap, good quality, two microphone mixer and USB adapter? They make a 2i2 which will kind of do that. It will accept two microphones and you can mix down in post production.