Window 10 & Realtek issues

We recently purchased a hp pavilion that has a realtek integrated sound card. We are taking it back because audacity is not compatible. What type of sound card should we make sure is installed (HP, DELL…) so we can use Audacity?

Since we got this computer the recordings have distortion (appears to recording correctly but when you play it back it is high pitch speaking). I ensured that audacity matched the sound card settings at 48000HZ, 16-Bit float and disabled calls even though we don’t use it for that purpose. Audacity’s wiki site said that it doesn’t play well with Realtek sound cards so that was really all we had to go on. We are recording live performances (microphones) through a soundboard, Peavey Sanctuary Series S-32 Board. It uses a printer cable on one end to a usb on the computer end. The last computer was working great for several years with audacity prior to upgrading the computer.

Audacity’s wiki site said that it doesn’t play well with Realtek sound cards so that was really all we had to go on.

I didn’t know that, but Audacity works as long as you have drivers that work with your particular version of Windows and your particular hardware. If you have a new Windows 10 computer, it should have come with working Win10 drivers and it should work… That’s one of the “tricks” to how Windows works… Any word processor will work with any printer as long as the word processor is compatible with your version of Windows, and as long as the printer has drivers that are compatible with that version of Windows, etc… The drivers are the common-link between the application and the hardware.

But, with a USB connection from your Peavy mixer you are NOT recording through the Realtek soundcard/soundchip. (For playback, you might be using the Realtek.)

From the information I found, your mixer uses the Microsoft-supplied USB drivers so it should “just work”.

Are you “multitasking” with this computer while recording?

I have tried other online web and downloadable recording programs and I still get the same distortion (high pitch) during playback.

We are not multitasking on the computer. All we use it for is recording.

What should our “audio host” be set on? We have it set to MME and 2 (stereo) recording, with playback through “speakers (Peavey Mixer).” If it isn’t the drivers I’m a little baffled as to what the issue is. It is playing back distorted as well as fast. Slowing the playback speed helps but it is still majorly distorted. On the last computer everything worked automatically, but it was running Vista.

It’s not clear from your description exactly what you are trying to do. If you are wanting to record from the mixer via its USB connection, then the Peavy mixer should be set as the recording device and the built-in sound card is irrelevant unless you use it for playback.