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I like to record Karaoke songs. Yes I am a ham but I love it. For six months I have been using WinAmp v 5.35 with Audacity v 1.2.6
stable version. Here’s how I did it. I would load the Karaoke track, (cdg, or mp3g I am not sure which they are), into either WinAmp or
Audacity and then load it into the other. No problem. To synchronize both songs I would drag WinAmp in minimized fashion over Audacity
W/Winamp alway’s on top. I would line up the play button of WinAmp W/ the record button of Audacity and push the play and record functions
as fast as I could. There is still a small lag in the tracks so I would pause WinAmp’s track for .5 sec just to try and keep them close.
After all I just need the words and no audio from WinAmp. This worked for the longest time. Well A few day’s ago, My Sound card went,
(Xterme Sound 7.1/24bit from Dimond) and I had to go back to the default sound card. Ever since that time, when I go to mute WinAmp,
Audacity mutes also. When I go to turn WinAmp down Audacity turns down also leaving me with no volume to sing the song.
Any Ideas ??

That is a very odd way of recording things, but if you like it, you like it.

I think there is a setting in Winamp to make the volume control work the way you want it to, but I can’t say for sure, I hardly ever use the program anymore. Alternately, you can set Winamp’s output setting to something that doesn’t produce sound. For instance, I had a wavwriter output plugin that would not make any sound and simply write whatever was supposed to play to a wav file. That would produce a lot of extraneous wav files, but they’d be easy to delete afterwards.

Also, I’m not sure why you’re worried about syncronizing the recordings, but you do know that you can just delete any empty space from the clip in Audacity, right?

I have to sync the tracks because the words displayed in WinAmp have to be somewhat in time to
the track I am recording in Audacity. If anyone ELSE knows a better way of recording a Karaoke song
with my vocals all inclusive on my computer I would really like to hear it.

Sorry, I misread your original post. It was a bit confusing. If you want someone else to answer your question then I suppose you could convince them to copy/paste the words below to help you. :wink:

An easier way to do this (more accurate, though it will take a little longer per track) is to set Audacity up this way: In the Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O menu, make sure “play other tracks while recording new one” is OFF. This will prevent Audacity from playing sounds while recording. Also make sure you’re using the right input (Mic or Line, most likely, you’re probably already doing this).

Now, you can load your file into both Audacity and Winamp. Make sure Winamp is set up to play sound at the normal volume. Set Audacity recording (syncing won’t be a problem since you’ll need to fix it later regardless, but if you want to use your old method you can), and then play the file in Winamp and sing your tune. Afterwards, stop Audacity.

Now, you’ll need to use the Time Shift tool to move the vocal track back into place relative to the backing track.

I’m willing to bet the problem you originally ran into when you started doing this was that both Audacity and Winamp were playing a slightly out of sync song. So you figured out a way to make Winamp shut up while recording. But now that doesn’t work, so this method will get Audacity to shut up so you can hear your track right. You’re right that syncing is a bigger problem now, but it’s a 20-second fix in Audacity.

Big BIG Thank You Alatham !!!

I unchecked the ‘play other tracks while recording new one’ in Preferences and Viola ! I was originally listening to
Audacity and recording on it too. But this is much better. The best thing you taught me was the time shift tool.!! Wow
how dumb am I? This solves the syncopation problem. I would keep WinAmp always on top set Audacity to record and line up
with Audacity’s pause button and because WinAmp started first there was a lag. I just did that as fast as I could and then
paused WinAmp again for 1 or so seconds to make it up. This worked well for the longest time. Like for months. One day not
to long ago, I heard a squeel on playback and my vocals were faint.

Just like that my sound Card was no longer recognized by my computer XtremeSound 7.1 made by Dimond. Also in
the Device Mng I have a yellow exclamation point in my SCSI/RAID Host Controller. I cant do anything with. I tried to update
the driver, roll back the driver, to no avail. I now foolishly tried a reg hack that made my CD/DVD disappear. I think I will
re-load XP and start over. Thank You for your help and sorry for the whole ‘someone ELSE’ shot. You Rule

Hey, no problem.