WIN11, Audacity, and a Beecaster mic

I have a Lenovo Ideapad 3 and WIN11. Drivers are up-to-date. I use a NEAT mic’s Beecaster. I’ve been doing V-O and audiobook narration for 12 years and I am 100% stumped. With the last WIN11 update (around Mid-June 2023, I had to go into SETTINGS and manually reset the mic permissions. With the latest update, 7/15/23, I don’t see the mic in WIN settings or in the dropdown in AUD. The mic seems to be properly connected - when the mic is plugged in to the laptop USB, I can hear myself through my headphones of the built-in audio interface of the mic. In addition, I believe the USB jacks on my laptop function properly because my mouse works fine in all of them and when I plug in the mic, the base lights up. in the screenshot, where I used to see (Beecaster) listed, all I see now is this listing for realtek. In Audacity’s dropdown, I no longer see (Beecaster)-3 as I always did. I’m at the very end of a good paying project and I don’t want to tell the publisher, “Well, it might be a while until I get this sorted” Thanks.

So I agree with you - I think your microphone is toast. But I would try it in my buddy’s machine before throwing it out.

Or take it back to the dealer that sold it to you - or ask them if a Windows Update could have wrecked their driver and what to do in that case.

Of course, Audacity will not see the microphone unless Windows first sees it. Personally, I use the Windows Sound Control Panel - Recording tab. Right-clicking anywhere in the panel can sometimes allow you to see Disabled or Disconnected Devices.

I can hear myself speaking through my headphones (plugged into the interface), when the mic is plugged into the USB port. The sound is definitely coming through the mic, then the interface, and then into the cans.
That’s why I think the mic is functional and the secret is hidden within the WIN11 permissions. I will try plugging the mic into a different laptop. My son is coming by tomorrow, and I’ll have him bring his. Thanks.

Yes; I thought you might have been picking the sound up through the internal microphone.

In that case, I would go to Windows Sound Control Panel > Recording tab > locate your device > Properties > Listen > Listen to this device.

If your device is not listed, right-click in the box and look for Disabled or Disconnected Devices.

If it is not listed in the Sound Control Panel, Audacity will not find it.

I found under device manager that Beecaster is listed under game controllers and it is listed as a SPEAKER. How do I get it back into the correct dropdown as a microphone? I can’t just drag it there, can I?


+1 … Enable all Recording Devices and show disabled devices in Windows - YouTube

The forum is rich with people whose recording process didn’t make it through the last Windows Update. I recommend, strongly, stop recording on the computer. I have several very nice stand-alone recorders. The most “professional” one is a Zoom H1n. It will record in Perfect Quality WAV format and easily transfers sound files to your computer for editing.

It is strongly recommended that you record to the recorder’s on-board memory. That gives you a built-in backup.

I don’t do voice work professionally, but if I did, I would be buying a second one in case of failure. They’re $100USD.

I have made some very nice voice tests with my iPhone SE and my cluttered garage. I had to wait until traffic dies down, but it was doable. That gives me the required quiet, echo-free room.

I have several Olympus WS-823 recorders. I make them produce WAV sound files for editing in Audacity. I use them as utility recorders, but I don’t have to. Their sound is perfectly serviceable.

And etc. This current failure should be a wake-up call. As I understand it, you can’t work around Windows Updates. They are forced on you.


You can stick with recording on the computer, just stop doing updates and stop connecting the computer to the internet. I have an older computer which works like that. It does very simple sound jobs perfectly well and has no network connection.


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