Win10 updated itself and Audacity Crashes with Control+W

I am using Audacity 2.1.3 with Windows 10 Pro, and the most recent version of the JAWS screen reader for blind PC users. Everything was working perfectly for the last two months until Windows did one of its automatic updates on Friday.

Now whenever I close a project with Control+W or select this option from the file menu, Audacity crashes. If the file hasn’t been saved it prompts me to save it. At that point the program crashes and pops up a message telling me that Windows is searching for a solution, etc.

I also had it crash when I used Control+Z to undo an edit.

I used the Windows Trouble Shooter, but it couldn’t produce a helpful change. During one of the many tests that I tried, I did notice a message something like, The handler was unable to process one item. I don’t know if that was an Audacity message or a Windows message.

I uninstalled Audacity and reinstalled it with default preferences, but the problem remains.

The program crashes regardless of the size of the project. It even crashes if I didn’t even open a project and just quit the program by using the menu option in the File Menu.

We don’t support JAWS or screen readers/visually impaired users on this Forum. Best to ask JAWS support and if they can’t help, register and ask on our audacity4blind list There are many helpers on that list who actually have JAWS.

Before contacting JAWS I suggest you turn off special JAWS scripts to see if those are the problem, update JAWS to the latest version and so on.