Win10 reinstallation seems to have cut off the audio to Audacity

I was happily using Audacity for some years. Today I had to downgrade my OS to Windows 10 and re-install my software. Now Audacity is not finding any audio. I use a Steinberg UR22II audio interface which is working with my PC - I can hear the audio stream from my PC in the interface - but Audacity is not showing any signal. I have it set as before (I think):

  • Host MME
  • Recording device Line (Steinberg)
  • Playback device Line (Steinberg)

What might I have missed?

Check your Privacy Settings.

…While you’re at it, make sure Windows “Enhancements” are turned OFF.

Audacity recording level slider was recently incorporated into the recording meter. If set at zero there is no signal …

level slider is hidden in meter

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