Win10 Faster Export Times?

So I’m not complaining, but I noticed when I used to edit my recordings when I had Win7 removing noise through Noise Reduction would take about a 30 seconds for a 6 minute recording, and to export it about the same, maybe a little shorter, but on Win10 I removed the noise within 10 seconds and was able to export the file in 8 seconds. Am I just lucky that I got such fast export times or was Audacity improved on Win10, or was something different about Win10 that allowed audio files to be encoded faster?

Windows 10 is a little “lighter” than Windows 7. If you changed your computer it may be faster than the old one. Solid State Drives are faster than Hard Disk Drives.

If your computer is busy when you run an effect or export, that will always cause a slow down.


I didn’t change anything, mainly because I use a laptop so hardware upgrades are not a thing, as for most of them that is. I did however have to do a fresh install before upgrading to Win10, so maybe there was a lot of junk that was slowing my PC down that isn’t there anymore? Not sure though.