Win10, 2.4.2 Mic Levels/clipping

I have set the mic volume to 0 and the gain on the track to -36, but I’m still getting clipping. It’s the same level as if I did not change it.
I’m trying to record from Firefox, if it matters.

Windows WASAPI
Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)(loopback)
2 (Stereo) Recording Channels
Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)

Try turning down your Windows playback volume.

The recording volume control usually doesn’t do anything with “loopback”. You are “capturing” the digital audio data before it goes to the soundcard.

Yes, I did try that. Had it down to 10%, I could hardly hear it.

Do I need to add a sound card? I have a few that are not too old.

How bad is the clipping?
Please post a screenshot so that we can see.

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Yes, I did try that. Had it down to 10%, I could hardly hear it.

Did that make ANY difference in the recording level or clipping?

Sometimes it’s the original streaming audio that’s clipped. You might try a different website. YouTube, Spotify, and all of the popular streaming websites use volume matching so most program material is turned-down and you are less-likely to get clipping.

Also, Audacity’s “Show Clipping” isn’t looking at the waveform. It’s just checking the peaks and reporting potential clipping, which may be true or not…