Win10 2.2.2 Playing and recording at the same time?


I need to play a video of me playing guitar and singing while I record additional sound tracks. Can this be done (playing and recording) using one instance of Audacity? Or, can you run a second instance of Audacity to do one? I’d imagine, if nothing else, you could do this by using some video player to play…and Audacity to record (simultaneously on one PC). I’ve been using 2 PCs because I didn’t see immediately how to do it and I’m lazy. :wink:

win10 / 2.2.2

Audacity does not do video, but it can play the audio from a video file (many common video formats).

To import the audio from a video file, you need to have FFmpeg installed. Instructions are here:

By default, Audacity allows you to hear other tracks in the project while recording a new track, so the process is:

  1. Import the file
  2. “Shift + Record button” (or “Shift + R”) to start recording to a new track).

Depending on the hardware, you may find that the newly recorded track is slightly out of synch with the first track. For a one-off, you can just use the Time Shift tool to adjust the new track, but if you intend to do several of these “overdub” recordings, it is best to set up Audacity’s automatic correction. Details for doing that are here: