"Win" button (Windows key)

Dear specialists! Many years after clicking the button “Win” the next picture appears over the audacity window. Please, reproduce the problem and correct!

The problem appears not for all files (about for every tenth). I have in mind the right window, it doesn’t disappear after clicking “Esc”. Here are two examples:




When I press the Windows key, the windows menu shows up. Nothing happens in Audacity.
Is your keyboard broken maybe and sending wrong key combinations sometimes?

To the right of the Windows menu another window appears. But not always, in every tenth case (importing file). One more example (please, download by the link and see for yourself):



I downloaded your file, but as it is a regular mp3 it wont make the problem to happen or not to happen when importing, I don’t see how it will alter Audacity’s behavior. I tried anyway, but my Windows is 8.1 so the start menu is different.
To make it clear, when you have Audacity open, and import those files, and then press “Win” key, that box (Set Left Selection Boundary) appears. Right?
You might try reseting key bindings for Audacity.

Hi! Exactly, how you tell. To tell the truth, this window appears quite rare, to one-in-ten or less.