Win 8 & Audacity 2.0-All I get is noise

I just installed the Windows 8 Release Preview (Big mistake… Don’t do it!), and now, even though I hear good audio through my speakers when not using Audacity,
Audacity records this:
Even simply loading a good mp3, when played through Audacity I get the same result. I tried it on Audacity 1.3 as well with the same result.
Any idea where I should start looking for a solution?

The Audacity page on the web ( makes no mention of compatibility with Windows 8. Did you check that it was compatible before attempting to use it?

If you can just go back to Windows 7, I wish others more experienced could help but you know Windows 8 is not 100% ready yet.

PS: I don’t know Windows 8 at all, but can you see if there’s the option for software compatibility like is there for Windows XP, Vista and 7?

I was hoping that someone else had experienced this problem with Win 8 and had a simple solution, but failing that, I expect that they are working on a version of Audacity that will work on Windows 8 and I hoped that I could help beta test it.
I installed Win 8 on my higher powered desktop machine because it has WAY more memory than my laptop.
I’m still running Vista on my laptop and Audacity works fine there. So that’s my “work around” for now.

So did you try the compatibility mode?

No! I wasn’t aware that that was an option. Where can I find that dialog? I looked under preferences, but I don’t see it.

Nevermind. I found it.

Right click with mouse on Audacity’s shortcut icon and choose properties, then compatibility and finally you see the option.

I tried all modes (Vista, Win7, Win XP) and I get the same results.

Maybe there’s a solution, I could try playing through Windows’ audio settings and exhaust all possibilities but doing it from the web it’s hard.
By the way, Windows 7 and Vista 64bit support all memory quantity you want.

Is it possible that you are up against an issue related to the soundcard drivers? Are your soundcard drivers Win8 compliant?

Sadly, I’ve tried that and still no joy.

Are you using Windows’s own drivers or the one from your sound card manufacturer?

Within Audacity, I’ve tried selecting MME and when that didn’t work I tried Windows Direct Sound. These are the only two options in the drop down.
Then within the output drop down, I’ve tried Speakers (RealTech Hi Def) and Microsoft Sound Mapper-Output (again the only two options)
and on the input side, Line In(RealTech Hi Def) and Microsoft Sound Mapper-input (again the only two options)

Is there something else I can try changing or looking at?

I would try a different freeware or trialware and see if the problem persists.
Not Audacity’s fault as you know Windows 8 isn’t in list of supported OS also Win8 could have drive compatibility issues we don’t know yet until we try all possibilities.

I understand that it’s not Audacity’s fault, but they will eventually have to play in the Win8 world and I hope they use this report as something to start testing. Other audio playback apps seem to work fine, but I have not tried other recording software. I guess I’ll try to find other recording software to test.

As PGA indicated earlier it’s most likely the sound card that need to play in Win8-land - by and large Audacity will record what the sound card sends it.

There were similar problems with W7 when it was new and sound card manufacturers had not provided updated drivers.