[WIN 8.1, AUD 2.1.1] Record External ONLY

Thanks for taking the time to investigate my dilemma.

I’ve been setting up quite a few programs in order to record videos for YouTube, (recording and editing alike), and I’ve been trying to find a way to edit the external audio separately. The way I currently record has the internal and external audio, as well as the desktop recording, placed all into one file. The way I record and edit is a little out of the way in terms of work, but I’m trying my best to find workarounds that support both my video quality and ease of work for myself. I record what I’m doing/playing using D3DGear, convert from the .wmv file to .mp4 using AnyVideoConverter, then import into Camtasia Studio, (CS), in order to make the finished product. Like I said, a little over the top, but I like the programs and the quality they produce.

Up until now I’ve been recording the audio through my AT2020 USB Cardioid Condenser microphone and running the audio through NoiseGator to filter out what background noise I can, but there’s still a slight droning in the background when I don’t talk. I know how to take care of it, but since the recording saves to a singular file there’s no way that I know of to edit this certain audio out without changing the audio of the entire track at that time. So my hopeful solution was to turn to Audacity.

What I was hoping to accomplish was to begin recording external audio using Audacity, enter the game I wish to play and begin recording gameplay and internal audio using D3DGear, do a little 1/2/3 audio sync, record the gameplay, stop the D3DGear recording, stop the Audacity recording, (save both, convert the .wmv to .mp4, yada yada), import into CS, line up the two tracks and finish the production. However, when I monitor the audio in Audacity, or when I play the recording back, I can tell that it’s recording internal sounds as well, and for some reason the recording is very quiet, even after exporting from Audacity and importing into CS.

The low volume is probably the easiest to fix, but my real problem is that Audacity is recording internal audio as well as external, where my real goal is to have Audacity recording only external audio. I’ll relist all of the relevant specs below, and I’ll upload some screenshots of the various programs and settings in case they help.

Windows 8.1 64-bit OS
AT2020 USB Cardoid Condenser Microphone

Audacity Version 2.1.1 downloaded via .exe executable file
NoiseGator noise gate/background noise filter program
VB Virtual Audio Cable part of the noisegate process
AnyVideoConverter file conversion program
D3DGear Version 4.96 recording software
Camtasia Studio Version 8.4 video and audio editing software

If the solution is as simple as “Just change this setting here” or “You need a different program, sorry”, then at least the next person will have something to read instead of searching for an answer like I did.

Thanks for any and all help, I really appreciate the time taken to read through my problem.
noisegator and d3dgear.jpg

If the aim is to record into Audacity using the AT2020, set it as recording device in Device Toolbar, bypassing Noise Gator and then try Audacity’s Noise Reduction on the recording.

If you feel Noise Gator is essential then you’ll need to configure a VB-Cable input to contain only the signal from AT2020.


Thanks Gale, that really was a simple solution.

I guess the problem was the fact that I was running the audio through the noise gate before it was recorded by Audacity. Now I just need to learn how the Noise Reduction feature works and I should have a better quality .mp3 file for my videos.

Thanks again!