win 7 white noise 2.1.1, exe

I have a recording that has a lot of white noise distorting it. I’ve tried a couple things on this site, but being new to all this, I need some help. I am a court reporter and I need to hand this job in Monday morning. TIA for any guidance.


What did you record, with what equipment?
If you are recording with the built-in mic on your laptop, be aware that the mic on laptops are often very poor quality.

I used a digital recorder, which is usually extremely clear. Lately, it seems like it is more like this recording with the staticky background. The static is so bad that the judge and attorneys sound like they’re in the background.

Does the recorder have a headphone socket? If it does, does it sound bad via that headphone socket?
Do you have the recording level set high enough?

It sounds the same on the recorder with a headphone… There are choices of lecture, conference and dictation and I had it on dictation. It’s and Olympus DS-30, if that helps.

The “dictation” setting is for when you are talking into the recorder (close).
You may find that it records more clearly on one of the other settings.

Unfortunately, if the sound quality is so bad that you can’t make out what is being said, then there is probably nothing that can be done in Audacity to rescue the recording.

I can hear the judge and one other attorney pretty well. It’s just one voice in the first 15 minutes that I have a hard time and only in a couple of spots where I mistroked. Is there a way to decrease the volume of the white noise or static?

If there really is steady noise and it is not overpowering the voice, you could try Noise Reduction.

Can you attach a 10 seconds sample of what you want to correct, including some audio between words?

See How to post an audio sample.


I sent a sample. I also want to add that it gets better throughout the recording so it’s not this bad all the way through.
Thank you


I sent a second one.

Apparently not. See here for instructions for attaching files to forum posts:

Did you get the sample?

I’ll try it this way

Can anybody help me?

What happens at 51 minutes 24 seconds?