win-2.2.0 installer - partially wrong Russian encoding

The screenshot of the installation of audacity-win-2.2.0 in compare with the audacity-win-2.1.3 attached.

Seems like the text of the first checkbox uses Win-1251 Codepage, but the text of the second checkbox — the UTF-8 one.

BTW (not very important though), no need to begin the second word in the second line with capital letter, as well as to have the question-mark at the end of it.

Which screen is that?

At the left — the correct installation window of the old audacity-win-2.1.3.exe
At the right — the problem installation window of the new audacity-win-2.2.0.exe

See my marks (in red) “audacity-win-2.1.3.exe” and “audacity-win-2.2.0.exe” in the headers.

Sorry if my demonstration of two screenshots in one file is not clear.

Is that the “Additional Tasks” screen of the installer, and is the second checkbox supposed to say (in Russian) “Reset Preferences?” but actually coming out as nonsense?

Yes, it actually says “Reset Preferences?”.
Not noncense at all: the sentence is absolutely clear and can be left as it is — but the native Russian would write here: “Reset preferences”.


  1. Capital letter in the word “Preferences” here, in the middle of a sentence, unlike the same capital in menu, almost animates this term for Russian-speakings. :slight_smile:
  2. The marked checkbox is not a questionable item, but an imperative.

If it is interesting — I lead the Russian translation of Total Commander (formely Windows Commander), “Russian original” at since 1997, and it was mentioned in one of the Russian computer magazines as a professional translation.

But that was not my main question: the main was a bug report about the wrong codepage in this line.

I’m trying to log a bug report for this. Please tell me what “this line” should say.

Hm, it seems I found now, why we can’t uderstand each other, so now I can try to explain my point in detail.
If something will remain unclear and after that — I’ll answer the qualifying questions to explain, what I have in view.

All the primary information is on my initial combined screenshot:

  1. I must see in this line the Russian
    Сбросить Параметры?
    words, i.e. as in the last line at the left, in v2.1.3 (underlined by me with the remark “Correct”).

  2. But in v2.2.0 - I see, as you said, noncence (at the right; underlined by me twice, with the remark “Wrong Russian text coding”): the senseless (but only at first sight!) set of the symbols
    Сбросить Параметры

Now I verified my assumption that “Seems like the text of the first checkbox [of v2.2.0 I] uses Win-1251 Codepage, but the text of the second checkbox — the UTF-8 one”.
I typed this phrase and saved it twice: first time — as the ANSI text with codepage 1251, and the second — as UTF-8 text with no BOM marker.

The result you can see in the attached screenshot: the same prase, saved with UTF-8 encoding, have nothing with this prase in ANSI-encoding — if to treat both of them as ANSI-text.

So I suppose, that when the installer for v2.2.0 was recompled after v2.1.3 — somehow a part of the texts for it had been saved not in ANSI form (ANSI encoding), but in UTF8-with-no-BOM form (i.e. in UTF8 encoding).

Thank you. I now understand. This bug is already logged on the Audacity bug tracker. I have added a note to say that the problem is still present in the release version of Audacity 2.2.0.