Win 11 Freezes Up

I have HP Laptop 17-by1xxx. i5-8265U@1.60GHz. with 16gb of ram that I only use for recording with Audacity 2,4,2 software. Every time I sit down to use it, at least once or twice during a “session”, the laptop will freeze up. It takes a minute or two or three but eventually the laptop recovers , sometimes it says I have lost a block of recording data, sometimes it says “Not Responding” in the software title bar. I cannot figure out any pattern to what might be causing the laptop to freeze.

I have tried several of the suggestions I have found online , including updating the BIOS and Video Driver. Windows 11 is up-to-date and has been throughout. I have also tried turning off the AVG Antivirus progam I have installed, but nothing has helped.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

If you’re just recording, Audacity’s free competitor OCENaudio may be more reliable,
as it is compatible with industry-standard ASIO audio drivers, Audacity isn’t.

After recording with OCENaudio you could transfer the audio to Audacity for editing.