Win 10 vs Mac book pro same microphone

Hi guys,

when I do record with audacity, my windows 10 elite book with ssd I got a quality which is not really good.

when my neighbor with his mac book pro, with my microphone do the record for me the quality of his audio they I think better
than mine.

What could be the reason? I shall buy a used mac book pro and do the record with it instead my win 10 HP elite book?

here 2 sample , what do you think?

Did you record both of those in the same room?

That could be the difference between two rooms, the Mac room has carpeting and drapes and heavy furniture and the Windows room has wood floors and bare walls.

That could be the windows machine with voice processing.

When you do direct comparisons like that, it should be the same person saying the same words in the same room. No I don’t think buying a Mac is going to help.

I posted in the instructions for a voice test not to say “one, two, one two.” Go down the link for “Speak or Announce.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 2.45.37.png

If this is a room echo problem, you might try a Kitchen Table Sound Studio.

Those are cheap and easy to build and although they can’t cure all room, house or neighborhood sounds, they are pretty good at killing echoes.


hi Koz

no we do record in different rooms!!! Ok I will try to rent a studio for few hours and see what’s gonna happen

If you’re trying to record for ACX like your other post implies, you really don’t want to record in different rooms. You want to record, from start to finish, in the same spot, with the same settings. If you switch things up, you’ll pass the automatic checks for files, but when you have human QA listen to it, they may turn you down because the noise from one room to the other may be too distracting to them.