Win 10 update fiasco

It seems to be a well-known problem that the latest Win 10 update has caused drop-outs to affect audio recording and playback, with multi-core computers. I am having that problem with Reaper & Audacity. Is anyone else?
Running an Aston Origin mic through a Steinberg UR12 to my fairly new PC, everything I have done, and I have tried numerous fixes, do not rectify the problem. An article on the Steinberg site suggests it has to do with multi-core 'puters and a fix isn’t forthcoming from Micro(limp). Any ideas?
I can just keep re-recording until I get a continuous read, but these 2 second drop-outs are a real pain.

Some one will correct me, but Audacity is not a multi-core program.

2 second drop-outs are a real pain.

You’re missing two second chunks of show?

When was the last time you clean restarted the machine? Shift-Shutdown rather than plain shutdown.

Without looking up all the pieces, are all the drivers and software support for your sound system Windows 10 Compliant? They have to specifically say so. Just “OK for Windows” won’t do it.

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For example do you have the latest UR-12 Firmware Update and Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver ?

You can also read our long checklist of factors that can cause dropouts: