Win 10 Port Audio no devices found [1 Fix]

If you haven’t got a Realtek chipset with digital out, not going to help… sorry!

For everyone else still here, I had trouble getting Audacity to work in Win 10. Disabled the Digital Out on output devices and audacity recognised my hardware.
Hope this helps.

For devs:
Had no problems with my hardware being recognised on Win 7 Pro latest drivers, but for some reason the Digital Out causes issues.
Motherboard is ASUS Maximus VII Hero and Audio Chipset is ROG SupremeFX which uses a Realtek chipset.
Audio driver version:

Thanks for the input. It may help other users in so far as on Windows 10, Audacity sees no devices if any of them are not recognised or incompatible in some way.

On the other your hardware is using drivers meant for two Windows versions in the past. Do ASUS supply Windows 10 drivers for that motherboard?