WIN 10 Error message when trying to record.


Newbie, to Audacity anyway here, and I am trying to record some cassette tapes for a friend and all works fine on my laptop, but I’m not quick enough to use the pad to control things, so trying on the PC.

OK, once I try to start recording, I get the following error msg “Error while opening sound device, Please check recording device settings and the project sample rate.”
I checked the settings on the lappie and then checked the PC, only to find that There are not options showing in the dropdown box for the Mic. Audo card on both machines is Realtek.

Can anyone help? Otherwise it looks like rooting around n my junk box under the bench for a mouse to use with the Lappie.

Many thanks.

That explains the error you see. Audacity cannot record from non-existent audio devices.

I suggest you have a read of this to make sure you have proper Windows 10 audio drivers for your specific PC:

Once you have checked that and installed any necessary drivers, go to Windows Sound (Recording tab) and follow the instructions in that link to show and enable all audio devices. Then restart Audacity.

Note that if this PC’s only audio input is a mic, you may get mono, distorted or poor quality recordings. A separate (blue) line-in input is preferable for recording directly from a cassette deck.


Many thanks for your suggestions, Gale.

After much “Oh dear(ing)” and gnasing of teeth, we got there in the end. Case of going through everything , but we got there in the end. Also found another mouse and now I can use the laptop and carry on with my othe work on the PC.

The things we get up to!!!